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A key part of our work has always been to support our membership through learning and development activities across our service region. Having the relevant skills and awareness of best practice helps members to make informed decisions, improve their networks and keep up-to-date with the latest security knowledge.

We provide both face-to-face and online education in specialised areas like [IPv6], IP address management and routing security. We also provide free e-learning courses and micro-learnings through the [RIPE NCC Academy] which allow people to study at their own pace.

Our [RIPE NCC Certified Professionals Programme] helps people to gain recognition for their expertise, allowing them to sit an exam and earn verifiable digital badges and certificates.

RIPE NCC Certified Professionals

Earn verifiable digital badges by taking online proctored exams, certifying your expertise. These digital badges show the skills and knowledge certified and the certification process, and anyone can verify the badges earned in just a few clicks.

You can certify at three levels: Analyst, Associate and Expert.  We currently offer the following exams:

[IPv6 Fundamentals - Analyst]

[RIPE Database - Associate]

[IPv6 Security - Expert]

You can schedule and take an exam online, under the supervision of a live, remote proctor. Once you take the exam, you will be able to see your results instantly, and if you are successful, you will be able to receive and display your digital badge! At the moment, all exams are in English.


If you are a RIPE NCC member, you are entitled to three exam vouchers for each LIR that you hold, as part of your membership benefits. To use your vouchers, simply schedule your exam and enter the voucher code. There is no fee when you use a voucher.

You can claim your vouchers through the RIPE NCC Academy Dashboard.

  • Go to the RIPE NCC Academy and login to your [RIPE NCC] Access account.
  • Once you've logged in, navigate to your Dashboard
  • You will be able to see how many vouchers are available for each [LIR] that you hold. Click on 'Claim Voucher' or the relevant [LIR's] name (in case of multiple [LIR holders]) and the voucher codes will be emailed to your registered email address.
  • You can also view who claimed vouchers on behalf of your [LIR].

Exam Fees

If you are not a member or have used all of your vouchers, the fees for each exam are:

Exam Level Excluding VAT Including VAT
[Analyst] €164 €199
[Associate] €206 €249
[Expert] €247 €299

[RIPE NCC Academy]

The [RIPE NCC Academy] is our free, online learning platform that allows users to follow courses and become certified in particular topics like the [RIPE Database], [IPv6], [IPv6] basics and security. Learners can get hands-on experience thanks to the virtual lab environments, or ask the trainers a question directly through the dashboard. Courses consist of short modules, interactive activities and exercises.

The courses currently available are:

  • [IPv6 Security]
  • [RIPE Database]
  • [IPv6 Fundamentals]

Enrol on one of our courses now! [RIPE Academy] courses are online, free and self-paced so you can follow them from anywhere and at your convenience.


Microlearnings are bite-sized lessons which you can complete in under 15 minutes to help you do your work on the Internet. These cover topics such as the Ping Command and how to get started with the [RIPE Database].

You can find Microlearnings in the RIPE NCC Academy.

Access [RIPE NCC] Learning Resources

At the [RIPE NCC], you have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on a range of topics from our team of highly skilled trainers.

Access webinar recordings and learning slides and training course materials from [RIPE NCC] training courses. Are you a [RIPE NCC] member? You can attend a face-to-face training or a webinar – this is included in your membership. You can find our training schedule in your LIR Portal.


Join a live webinar where you can watch demos and have your questions answered. We run one hour and two hour webinars with two RIPE NCC trainers. Our webinars are free for [RIPE NCC members] and cover relevant topics which focus on practical, updated information on the status of the Internet and best common practices.

Training Courses

Training courses are open to all [RIPE NCC] members and costs are covered by the membership fee. Courses usually take place over one or two days and cover topics such as the [RIPE Database], BGP Operation and Security and IPv6 Security.  

Trainers travel to different locations in many countries across the [RIPE NCC's] service region and will also provide a variety of workshops on request.