How to Find Abuse Contact Information

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At the [RIPE NCC] we have no involvement in how IP addresses are used. However, we can help you find out who is abusing your network by providing you with the relevant network operator contact details.

The Abuse Contact Finder

Do you want to report network abuse like spamming or hacking? We have a tool that will help you find the relevant network contact.

Use the Abuse Contact Finder, enter an IP address into the box and you'll find an abuse contact at the network the IP address belongs to. Keep in mind that this will be an ISP or other network operator - not the abuser!

If you successfully found the abuse contact for the IP address, please send an email to this contact. In your email, report your abuse problem and provide as much detail as possible including the IP address and the time the abuse took place.

Please note that a report sent to an email address might not reach the correct contact.

What if the abuse contact is invalid or missing?

If an abuse contact appears to be invalid or missing, please report it to the relevant Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for your region.

What if the abuse contact doesn’t reply?

Our role is to ensure that all abuse contacts are valid and up-to-date in the RIPE Database. From there, it is the responsibility of the network operator to handle your abuse report. There is nothing we can do if a network operator chooses not to reply.